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Stand-up work shop with Fareeha Khan. Summer 2021.


Campers are privy to q&a's with daily guest speakers, pictured here is Theresa Buccheister. Summer 2021.


Campers circle up for a check-in. Summer 2021.

Campers support each other while they practice their sets. Summer 2021.

Campers take a break at a local coffee shop, don't worry, these are decaf drinks! Summer 2021.

Campers pose for a group shot after an amazing end-of-week outdoor showcase at McGolrick Park. Summer 2021.

Campers circle up for daily social justice conversation/activities. Summer 2021.

Dance Party with Cocoon Central Dance Team! Summer 2021.

Q&A with Cocoon Central Dance Team. Summer 2021.

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