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What if I'm not outgoing, is this camp right for me?

YES! Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone feels welcome. If you are shy, introverted or scared about the idea of doing stand up or improv comedy you are not alone and we welcome you with open arms. This is more about finding your voice than performance. Wallflowers encouraged! We will help support you.

What about lunch?

In summer sessions we are able to supply campers with free lunch from nearby participating schools through New York City's Department of Education's Free Summer Meals Program or campers are welcome to bring their own. During summer months we eat lunch outdoors at the nearby McGolrick Park and during cooler months/bad weather we eat indoors with social distancing in place. **For Spring sessions, campers bring their own lunch**

Is camp indoors?

Yes, Camp is indoors at the spacious Cottonwood Community Center located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. However, lunch will take place at McGolrick Park or indoors with social distancing maintained.

Is there A.C.?

Yes! There is air conditioning in the Community Center.


How large will the group of campers be?

Due to COVID, in 2021 we limited the group to 6 campers. Hopefully by 2023, we can expand to a group of 20 campers.

What is the ratio of mentors to campers?

The ratio is 1 mentor for every 5 campers. Mentors are coaches, workshop facilitators and assistant volunteers.

What is the age range of campers?

The age range of campers is 8-14 years old. This large group is split into two smaller groups by age.

Why aren't boys included?

Comedy, especially stand-up comedy, is a cis male-dominated art form. We wanted to create a unique zone where girls, trans, and non-binary youth are the majority. We hope this helps cultivate a safe space for self expression and risk-taking.

Are cell phones allowed?

We're glad you asked! We ask that you leave your cell phone at the front entrance in a locked box and only check messages at lunch. This is to help create a focused environment where everyone can be present with each other in the room. The Camp Director will have a phone on at all times in case of emergencies.

What should I bring everyday? Does it matter what I wear?

During the summer, please bring a water bottle, sunscreen or a hat, and if you plan to bring your own lunch, bring that too. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in as we will be doing some active group exercises, movement and sitting on the floor. You might want to bring a long sleeved shirt if you tend to get cold in A.C. (during summer session)

Will there be snacks?

Yes! We will provide light individually packaged snacks throughout the day during breaks. We will only include snacks everyone can eat. Please let us know of any allergies or intolerances.

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