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 A week-long summer program for girls, trans and non binary youth aged 11-14 with a focus on a variety of comedy and art workshops, this year the focus is a Comix Workshop. We encourage goofiness, social justice conversations and creating community throughout the week. We believe in honoring the messiness of the process.  Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Mission Statement

A non-profit art making and mentoring program that empowers girls, trans and nonbinary youth through art, writing and comedy workshops and other inclusive activities that build confidence and foster creativity, collaboration, and forming trusting relationships.


Statement of Purpose

We believe that treating young people as the full humans they are and creating a safe space to experience the burst of self-confidence and freedom that comes from creating original material, expressing oneself through comedy, bonding, performing, practicing mindfulness and engaging in social justice conversations with peers and mentors across the socio-economic spectrum builds the next generation of female and gender nonconforming individuals that will define leadership, creative innovation, and social transformation for the future.

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